What is new (version 0.4)

  • Added Life and Mana globes
  • Now you can select rewards from Bandit quests.
  • Show Life and Mana auras reservation.
  • Added Uniques with integrated gems
    • Soul Mantle
    • Doryani's Catalyst
    • Kitava's Feas
    • Lioneye's Vision
    • Pledge of Hands
    • Heretic's Veil
    • Prism Guardian
  • Added Conversion from Geofri's Sanctuary and Shaper's Touch uniques
  • Added Endurance, Frenzy and Power charges to Stats section
  • Energy Shield now includes conversion from Ascendancy passive skill Radiant Faith (Guardian).

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What is new (version 0.3)

  • New Jewel section
  • When load an account, selects last played character
  • Stats section includes conversion stats from: Presence of Chayula,Sanctuary of Thought
  • Stats section includes Conversion stats from Unique jewels:
    • Energy From Within
    • Brute Force Solution
    • Careful Planning
    • Efficient Training
    • Fertile Mind
    • Inertia
  • Stats section, Attack Speed includes 10% more if dual wielding
  • Skill section shows more uniques with integrated skill and supports gems
  • Skills that use trigger gems now will show the skill that triggers them.
  • Update to 2.6.0 skill tree data

What is new (version 0.2)

  • Added Misc tab to Stat Section with lots of stats related to it.
  • Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Multiplier rework.
    Added Attack Critical Chance/Multiplier it includes Global Critical Chance/Multiplier plus Critical with specific weapon.
    Added Spell Critical Chance/Multiplier it includes Global Critical Chance/Multiplier plus Critical with spells.
  • Attack Speed and Physical Damage now includes stats with specific weapons.
  • Added Infused Shield(15% More ES) in calculation to Energy Shield,if taken.
    Remove "with Chaos Inoculation" from Total Stats section
  • Added "with Aura" to Total Stats for Energy Shield,Evasion and Armour . (note: Aura effectivess included in our calculations)
  • Added Gem tooltip when hovering in item.
  • You will no longer lose league selection after choosing a character.
  • Fixed bug where in Skill section, sometimes support gems icons overlap.
  • Added stats: Increased Area Effect, Area Damage, % Accuracy Rating, Wand Damage, Weapon Elemental Damage and more.