• Browse characters from PoE account.
  • Combined stats data from the passive skill tree and items into easier to browse structure.
    • Combined stat: from tree, from jewels, from items etc..
    • You can search and add favorite stats.
  • You can browse into the public stashes from selected account.
    We are using Path of Exile's Public Stash Tab API, to keep track of account public stashes.
    • You can filter by multiple tags.
    • After the tag you can add ">{num}" and if the tag is found on item will combine numbers of all mods that contain tag and compare to initial {num}.
  • Add multiple favorite accounts and easily switch between them.
  • Integrated search for characters and separation by league.
  • Visualization of skills and their support gems.

Profile How does it work?

We are using data available from public accounts from pathofexile.com API:
  • 'POST','https://www.pathofexile.com/character-window/get-characters'
    'form_params' => ['accountName' => [AccountName]]
    returns all characters from [AcccountName]
  • 'POST','https://www.pathofexile.com/character-window/get-items'
    'form_params' => ['accountName' => [AccountName],'character' => [CharName]]
    returns [CharName] items
  • 'GET',https://www.pathofexile.com/character-window/get-passive-skills?character=[CharName]&accountName=[AccountName]
    returns [CharName] passive skill points and jewels

Things we are working on

  • Bonus stats from most of the unique jewels is not displayed.
  • Some of Unique Items bonuses not displayed.
  • Show/search microtransactions in all characters from given account.
  • Challenges from poe.profile.
  • Login/registration to save your favorite accounts and some extras :).

If you see problems or bugs with the site you can report on our reddit or forum post.

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